A Celebration of the Unrational

I tried to warn him. I’ve been nagging Ian for weeks to write a guest post on my blog. He kept saying he would get around to it, but it hasn’t happened yet. Call this a revenge post if you will. Though that’s not really accurate because I’m pretty sure Ian would love it. Call it a celebration of the quirkier side of living in almost complete isolation with one other person you thought you knew pretty well but very quickly realized you know next to nothing about. Not that any of this was unexpected. But it’s sure interesting to experience. November 14 is our three month wedding anniversary, and a lot of life has happened since that crazy day in August.

Three months of marriage have caused us to create nicknames for each other. When I get frustrated by Ian’s matter-of-fact answers I call him “Rational Maaaan” (said in a deep thunderous voice like how you would call for a super hero in their opening song). He flips the conversation on me by squealing “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemotive Girl”.  While Ian thinks with his head, I trust my heart to lead me, often putting more stock in my own intuition than the facts around me. For a man that sets the course of his life by fact, this can be unforgivable in arguments. I could easily use an entire blog post to talk about some of the tension and sheer confusion that these different ways of viewing the world create for us. But for now, just to for the pleasure of posting some of my favorite pictures, I will show the world that my new husband’s actions aren’t always as rational as they may seem to him.

So without farther ado, enjoy these exceptionally rare photos of a decidedly UNrational Ian!

Tackling an entire forest of brambles with only a garden rake to aid him.
This guy is crazy. If I tell him to spend the afternoon pulling rotten apples out from under a porch, he actually DOES it.
Brooding. Pensive. A pose that brings up many questions- like what the heck is he looking at on his out-of-service cell phone?
This photo moment makes me think of a lot of significantly more dramatic alternative endings.
Turns out the mule WASN’T wide enough to make it between the garden and the house with its load intact.

The pump works great- but after about five minutes Ian stopped, dripping in sweat, and mumbled that it would probably be easier just to use a five gallon bucket.

These photos are of one of Ian’s summer projects- a bike powered water pump! At home he used it to spray me when I walked by, but now on our homestead it can be exceptionally useful. Since we don’t have any outdoor water spigots, a system to pump water from our rain barrels and through a hose will be very necessary for watering the garden in the spring.

Turns out that tree couldn’t hold his weight after all. Ian learned this lesson the hard way after crashing out of it, and earned a sprained ankle for his troubles.
When YOU have poison ivy breaking out all over your face and are in desperate need of a cortisone shot from the ER, is getting a haircut your first priority? I’m guessing not.
WORMS. A chunk of our wedding gift cards went to buying Ian his very own vermaculture composting system. Now sometimes I see him huddled in a corner, giggling to himself as he feeds his 500 red wrigglers tidbits of food.
Bonus Picture! One of Ian’s students drew this picture of him. Props to them for the spot on portrayal of his protruding ears.
The loss of Spotify was hard for this guy. That’s why you can see pure, unadulterated joy all over his face after a package from my grandparents revealed a portable radio.


And my favorite… one day during a heavy rainstorm, I wandered into our cistern house to check the status of our water tanks and stumbled upon this scene. Ian, happy as a clam, fully immersed in a filthy tank with a big scrub brush. Different strokes for different folks. Personally, I’m a little obsessed with how easily that lid could get screwed back on the tank with someone inside. How the heck would you ever get out?? One big rainstorm and you’d drown. You’ll never catch me alive or dead in that fool tank.

Would YOU go in that? Most sane people wouldn’t. But now we have crystal clear water tanks so I’m pretty stoked.


Look! Proof we actually got married. <3

Happy three months love! 😉