Watching Chicks Hatch (1)

The Best Day of My Chicken-Lovin’ Life

It was a night like any other. Ian was contentedly cooking dinner with the accompaniment of smooth Jazz from the radio while I dead sprinted across the backyard and into the kitchen wailing like a tortured banshee.

“Aggghhhh what’s dead?” He yelped at me.

DEAD? Nothing’s Dead! You mean WHAT’S ALIVE!?!”

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Building an Off-Grid Chicken Waterer From the Gutter Down

Rain barrel off the side of the house

I have some very needy chickens. Almost every day their thirst demands that Ian or I refill their poultry waterer. Filling it is a simple enough process but made more complicated because our entire homestead runs on rainwater and all our livestock water comes from giant rain barrels off the side of our house. Walking back and forth from the house to the coop with a cumbersome watering can gets old pretty quick. When we first got our chickens it would take days for them to empty their waterer. Now that they’ve grown to full size and the weather has warmed, they empty it more than once a day.

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