Harvesting the Sun

How to Harvest the Sun with a Solar Oven

Hot weather and stuffy kitchens are enough to turn anyone off their appetite. Unfortunately, conventional ovens can create a lot of heat, quickly making meal prep a miserable experience for everyone. But there is an easy solution to this problem, a low-maintenance, simple to use oven that required almost no effort to use. Best of all, it runs off the solar system’s most plentiful renewable resource- sunshine. Welcome to the wonderful world of cooking with a solar oven.

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bake oven

Baking Bread with an Earth Oven

Baking in an earth oven is a wonderful culinary experience. Also called cob, an Old English term for lump, earth ovens are built with layers of clay, straw and mud that dry into a smooth brick-like substance. This style of architecture has been used throughout the world, from the adobe homes of the American southwest to 500 year old cob homes in Devon, England. When properly cared for and kept out of bad weather, cob structures retain heat very well and can last for centuries.

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