The Incredible Soap Nut: A Sustainable Laundry Solution

Soap nuts? What are those? How are broken bits of shell supposed to get my clothes clean?”

All good questions you should be asking after your first exposure to this special nut. Technically a berry, soap nuts are lauded as one of the best environmentally conscious alternatives to chemical detergents and soaps. A highly prolific tree that can grow well in degraded environments, soap nut trees are considered by some to be a viable solution to global deforestation. And their cleaning potential? It’s considered almost limitless.

Sound a little hippy-dippy crazy? I thought so too. Actually I was completely skeptical. But I’m much more skeptical about turning down anything free, so when a sample package of Eco Nuts (a distributor of soap nuts) arrived in the mail I was willing to try them out. But first, I did some research.

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