Very Exciting News about Our Future!

That’s my man!

I’m one proud wife today. After months of thinking, praying and stressing about our futures, Ian has made the courageous decision to accept the job offer of Director of The Big Laurel Learning Center, starting late summer. This means that we will be living and working at our crazy homestead for at least two more years. When we first moved up to this mountain last August we were only committed to living here for eleven months through AmeriCorps. The whirlwind of graduating college, getting married and moving far away from society as we knew it created enough chaos in out lives that it took several months for us to settle down enough to even consider what could be next. There are so many things we love about living in such a rural place, but some things have been hard. Many many hours are logged in the car every week, and dark midwinter evenings can be cold and lonely. Yet, we’ve found ways to adapt along the way. We adopted a lovable rescue dog, filled the old coop with chickens and guinea fowl, and enjoyed every visit from friends and family. And after six months of rural mountain life, we were ready to consider the role that Big Laurel could have in our future.

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Three Easy Ways to Live and Work in Gorgeous Places

I am consistently impressed with this blog’s ability to connect me with other people that are interested in the way my husband and I are living and working. The private messages I have been getting have given me the sense that many people want to find ways in their own lives to live and work somewhere spectacular, even just  temporarily. In the past four years I have had lots of experience seeking out job opportunities in amazing places and I want you to know it’s not hard! There are amazing opportunities everywhere; you only need to know where to look. Below are three stellar options for living and working off the beaten path that have been tested and approved by me. I may be 22, but these opportunities have absolutely no age limit. So read on, get inspired, and go do something amazing!

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