Harvesting the Sun

How to Harvest the Sun with a Solar Oven

Hot weather and stuffy kitchens are enough to turn anyone off their appetite. Unfortunately, conventional ovens can create a lot of heat, quickly making meal prep a miserable experience for everyone. But there is an easy solution to this problem, a low-maintenance, simple to use oven that required almost no effort to use. Best of all, it runs off the solar system’s most plentiful renewable resource- sunshine. Welcome to the wonderful world of cooking with a solar oven.

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DIY on a Dime: Rabbit Lawn Mower

Who actually likes mowing the lawn? Not me. Gas powered mowers are noisy, time-consuming, and belch more fossil fuels into the atmosphere per hour than the 11 cars. Yikes. Most of our yard can be allowed to grow wild and natural, but there are some portions, especially along the front patio that simply look better with trimmed grass.

Because one of the primary motivations for moving to our Appalachian homestead was the opportunity to live more sustainably and better connected with biologic systems, the question of how we would tend to our lawn became an exciting challenge to overcome with scrappiness and some new-found DIY skills.

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DIY Seed Starting Table from Recycled Materials

One advantage of being snowed on the mountain for the past few days was that Ian had lots of time to work on some homestead improvement projects. First on his list was making the garden shed usable for me to start seeds in a few weeks by building a seed starting table.

Yes, we could have bought a folding table from Walmart very cheaply, but where’s the sustainable living spirit in that? Besides, Ian had so much fun reclaiming the old chicken coop on the property a few months ago that he was eager to start another construction project, but with the goal of only only using found materials already on the property. We didn’t want to spend a dime.

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