Nesting with the Clubhouse Bedroom

“The groups are coming The Groups Are Coming THE GROUPS ARE COMING.

Such has been the chorus in my head as the calendar days slide through February and approach March with alarming speed. With March comes spring breaks for college students around the country, meaning that Big Laurel will soon be inundated with service groups seeking respite from their workaholic lives. But the beginning of their break signifies the end of ours as Ian and I reenter our roles as program directors and help to lead these trips.

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tv show

How I was (Almost) Cast on a Homesteading TV Show

My brief venture into the world of reality tv production began with a simple casting email and entailed hours of creating home videos, several 6am Skype interview sessions, and ultimately ended with rejection from the Discovery Channel. In case you read too fast, The Discovery channel (not to mention countless British casting agents) have seen my home, heard Ian and me talk about what we love about it, and then formed an opinion about what they saw. The fact that they turned us down is less important than the fact that they found us worth looking into- this experience alone is already far more exposure to the world of tv than I ever expected from my life. My summary of the experience? Pretty dang bemusing.

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