Watching Chicks Hatch (1)

The Best Day of My Chicken-Lovin’ Life

It was a night like any other. Ian was contentedly cooking dinner with the accompaniment of smooth Jazz from the radio while I dead sprinted across the backyard and into the kitchen wailing like a tortured banshee.

“Aggghhhh what’s dead?” He yelped at me.

DEAD? Nothing’s Dead! You mean WHAT’S ALIVE!?!”

What was alive indeed. By almost miraculous circumstances, one of our silkie hens managed to create life. She and her scraggly flockmate were adopted off Craigslist months ago on an evening when Ian and I had the slightly deranged desire to drive four hours round trip for free chickens. It was a successful adventure: both turned out to be females and we enjoyed the novelty of their half size eggs.

About a month ago our pursuit of some rabbit breeding stock landed us a free Black Orpington rooster. He was a beaut and he certainly knew his way with the ladies, if ya know what I mean. πŸ˜‰ We even saw him romp around with the silkies a few times and laughed together at the ridiculous idea of those two creating viable offspring.











But silkies are known to be broody birds, and before long both girls spent most of their days hunkered down in their nesting boxes. One seemed to prefer her own tiny eggs while the other was happy with any old chicken eggs we stuck under her. We humored them by not collecting these eggs until they grew cold from neglect.

And then I mostly Β stopped paying attention. We threw many of the eggs away, but Bitty-Egg Silkie never left the nest long enough for her eggs to grow cold so we left her to them.

And then tonight I heard a few extra chirps coming from the nesting box.























I am in utter awe.


UPDATE:Β After I wrote this post three more chicks hatched. Their strange genetic heritage is evident from their mottled coloring and feathered feet. We have the beginnings of a big happy chicken family! Mom and babies are still doing great.


baby chicks


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12 thoughts on “The Best Day of My Chicken-Lovin’ Life

  1. So cute! I think on the first video the baby chicken was saying “silkie!” And on the last one he/she was saying cute! Haha I showed both videos to my toddlers and they were so excited touching the screen πŸ˜€ I wish I could have chickens in suburbia but oh well, after the husband retires we can move to any state. I want land and chickens!

  2. So cool! So happy for you! πŸ™‚ Our silkies are the best mamas ever. They just hatched out a clutch of eggs last week too. Sadly, four of them died, but we have three healthy chicks still going strong!

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