Hire Me!

This blog isn’t my only form of writing. I am also a freelance writer that specializes in content creation related to homesteading, natural/simple living, food and food systems, and (organic) farming/gardening. If you read this blog regularly, none of that should be a surprise.

For my complete freelance profile, go to lydianoyeswriter.com

Other Place to Find Me on the Web

The work that I write for clients can show up anywhere on the web, sometimes under my name and sometimes not. There are a few consistent places where my work most regularly shows up.


I have a profile on the freelance website Upwork. Feel free to use it to contact me or commission me for projects! You can find my profile by searching ‘Lydia Noyes’.

Mother Earth News

Starting in the June/July issue of 2017, I am the writer for the Green Gazette department in the regular issue of Mother Earth News. This seven article feature explores current issues in sustainable living that range from food security to solar panels and more.

Occasionally, other articles written by me will pop up in Mother Earth News and its sister publications Grit and Heirloom Gardener. Be sure to be on the lookout for them!

I’m also a Mother Earth News blogger!  A complete list of my posts can be found here.

Mother Earth News

Organic Lifestyle Magazine

This comprehensive website of natural living news stories and actionable advice is one of my favorite places to guest post. You can see a complete list of my articles here.

Global Sisters Report

From November 2015 to February 2016 I was a guest blogger for the Global Sisters Report, an offshoot of the National Catholic Reporter that focuses on the stories of Catholic Sisters and the work they are doing throughout the world. A complete list of my posts can be found here. 

global sistes report