lights out

Lights Out

A storm tore through our homestead last night and knocked the power out. With one sputter of the lights we were left in a darkness so complete we couldn’t see our hands in front of our faces. It was only 7pm, but our evening was essentially over. Thankfully we live in an antique home filled with candles and kerosene lamps.

We stumbled our way up to the clubhouse bedroom and settled into bed with a battery operated radio tuned to NPR and the results of the Super Tuesday primaries. And for over three hours we listened transfixed as the storms raged around us.

The heavy darkness of the pelting rain seemed a juxtaposition to the chaotic energy of the radio as results poured in and one candidate after another gave victory or condolence speeches in noisy stadiums filled with their desired constituents. This world of rowdy caucus goers seemed so completely separate from our lives on the mountain that I had to keep reminding myself that everyone was talking about the country I am a citizen of. Even harder was believing that the results could actually affect my life.

But come November, they will. This polarizing election is bringing out a lot of emotion from deep veins in this country and I am seeing it firsthand everyday. The potential repercussions for America from rash decisions made by hot-tempered voters and candidates should not be underestimated. Looked at straight on, the situation is completely overwhelming.

Being isolated isn’t a solution, but it certainly has its advantages.



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