noyes family work weekend

Noyes Family Work Weekend

When the family comes to visit, you put them to work! At least, that is what happened to the poor Noyes family this weekend. But secretly, I think they enjoyed it.

Number one priority was to refresh our sad kitchen. The before photo: clean, but dark and dingy looking. The yellow was washed out and very streaked.
Terry attacked the grimy ceiling, coated with bacon grease from years of cooking.
The guys took on the yellow walls while Terry and I focused on whitewashing the ceiling
A little paint turned a dark, oppressive ceiling into a focal point of the room.
It was Terry’s idea to try out some stencils around the room. Super scary at this stage!
But totally worth it.
A weekend service group gave us some much needed help in constructing the rest of our garden fence. Here, Ian gets some help installing the garden gate.
After! Brighter, cleaner, blue accents on the shelves and a lighter ceiling to help define the space.
The dry, unfinished ceiling boards greedily sucked up two coats of paint without even trying.
The next step for the chicken coop has been to make a reinforced yard space. We buried “slab” (waste) boards in the thick clay to prevent predators from digging their way into the coop.
Some tree roots were too thick to dig through, so we poured concrete in the crack instead
ready for the next step- chicken wire!
Assessing the situation.
Exhausted from a long day of painting, I’m sure
Puffy eyed Ian got a little too close to poison ivy while working on the chicken yard  and woke up with a swollen face and red itchy arms. But instead of heading to the hospital right away like a sane person, he opted for a hair cut instead…and THEN went to the hospital. That’s not normal.
There is always time on a lazy Sunday for some good old-fashioned earthing.
Druid Chris took time to enjoy the natural light
A wonderful discovery this weekend was the earthen oven behind our house. None of us knew it was functional, but Sister Gretchen gave us the green light to try it out to see how it worked.
A small fire is built in the opening and allowed to burn for 1-3 hours, depending on how hot you want the initial temperature of the oven to be.
After the oven has reached the desired temperature, the leftover embers and ashes are shoveled out and the opening is gently cleaned with a wash cloth. (Lots of steam will be produced!)
“How do we know the pizza won’t burn up?” “Those cracks in the oven were there already,…right!?”
While the oven was heating up, Terry, Lisa and I were hard at work kneading dough and cutting toppings for homemade pizza
It worked! And it was incredible! The high temperature of the oven seemed to caramelize the dough in a unique way compared to most homemade pizza. It was only our first attempt, but everyone agreed the results were truly delicious.
Terry’s face says it all. Family weekends are the absolute best.
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5 thoughts on “Noyes Family Work Weekend

  1. Y’all are doing a great job…I grew up across the mountain in Wayne County and that is some of the hardest dirt to move by hand. Best of Luck.

    1. The ground is just about solid clay around here too. We’ll see what it means for my garden this spring!

  2. It’s exciting to see such positive changes to The Knob. The kitchen is delightful! We hope to meet you when we are next at Dogwood Gap (in September or maybe before). Janie and Ronnie Lusher

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