Chicken Swingin’ Christmas

The stakes were high for our first Christmas together as a married couple, but Ian delivered! We have never been very good gift givers, so I noticed when he was uncharacteristically giddy about giving me my present this year. He talked about it for days and swore to his family I would absolutely love it. My suspicions were raised even more when he insisted on filming my reaction. That video will never be shown, but know it involves a lot of squealing and clapping. Because he was right, I loved it.


it’s a chicken swing! A fowl play product. A happy hen hangout. And the very best excuse to spend embarrassingly large amounts of time sitting near the coop and watching the ladies frolic. 


He’s grinning because he knows he nailed it!

As soon as we get back to West Virginia my chickens will be as happy as this lucky lady.

Watch the swing in action!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that your chickens get as spoiled as mine did. 

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