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The Injustice of Internet Pricing in Rural Communities

We are paying more for our internet service than most people pay for cable, but somehow we don’t have enough data to stream a movie off Netflix.

This may not sound like a big deal. You might think I sound entitled or am getting upset over a service I should be grateful to have. But I’m not so sure. There is ample evidence that inferior WiFi connections disadvantage us, and West Virginia at large.

In my mind this is an injustice that needs to be addressed.

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Getting Started with Shiitake Mushrooms

Mycelium Magic: Getting Started with Shiitake Mushrooms

Growing some of your own food is an important early step in homesteading: growing your own mushrooms puts you on an entirely different level of self sufficiency. For beginners, shiitakes are a simple mushroom to learn to cultivate. And they are delicious! Rich in ‘umami’ flavor, shiitakes have an outstanding meaty texture when sauteed, broiled, baked or grilled. Popular in Asia for centuries, they are quickly gaining traction in American markets. Beyond taste, shiitakes are also gaining recognition for their health benefits.

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6 Reasons to Not Get a Second Dog (And Why We Did Anyways)

There are many reasons why getting a second dog was a bad idea for us.

  • We have committed to live at our Appalachian homestead for three years. The average lifespan for most dog breeds is over ten years. How do we know our next living space will be two-dog friendly?
  • Within the next ten years we hope to start a family. Raising babies with two dogs sounds a like a lot of unnecessary work.

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Watching Chicks Hatch (1)

The Best Day of My Chicken-Lovin’ Life

It was a night like any other. Ian was contentedly cooking dinner with the accompaniment of smooth Jazz from the radio while I dead sprinted across the backyard and into the kitchen wailing like a tortured banshee.

“Aggghhhh what’s dead?” He yelped at me.

DEAD? Nothing’s Dead! You mean WHAT’S ALIVE!?!”

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The Poverty of Food Deserts in Central Appalachia

I am not and will never be a ‘food blogger’. It’s hard for me to take the time to look up a recipe, much less pick one out, document my attempt in a series of pictures that showcase it in a myriad of half formed stages and then somehow dream up witty remarks to write about it.

Major props to those who are, but I’d rather just eat my experiments in peace, thank you very much.

But don’t think that means I’m not interested in food. I have a passion for foodstuffs that forms the foundation of many of my deeply held values. I pursue environmental sustainability and self-sufficiency because I care so much about where my food comes from and because I want to get it from as authentic a source as I can, especially if that means raising it myself. (See: Raising Meat Rabbits).

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