bringin in the workforce

Bringin’ in the Workforce

Labor Day weekend truly lived up to its name this year for us. Ian and I were given the humongous blessing of having both sides of the family come up for the long weekend on a “work retreat” to help us move more comfortably into our new house. And what a blessing… the fleet of Terry Noyes and Clint and Amy Peterson knocked out tasks from our checklist we would have been thrilled to tackle before Thanksgiving. Their hard work has made our house begin to feel like an actual home, and we are well set up to start our official Americorps positions this week as teacher aids. Am I nervous? Of course. Never in my life have I ever wanted to work in a school, much less a high school in an area I’m very unfamilar with. But more than that, I’m happy for the opportunity to try something so unexpected. Americorps is going to be a great opportunity to try many different things, and for now being in a classroom is one of them. Bring it on. Now, the real work will begin.
Because getting married obviously turned me into a domestic goddess now I do things like make homemade dinner rolls and pureed carrot and parsnip bisque.
Ian’s having a little less luck finding his inner domestic goddess. This is attempt #2 in making a sourdough starter and it still smelled kind of rancid.
No kitchen grime was too much for these mothers to handle.
We learned the hard way that the mule was too narrow to fit between the house and the garden with its load intact.
At my demand, the men spent a lot of time clearing low branches from our pond in order to let some light in.
Chainsaw on a stick on a moving vehicle…what could possibly go wrong?
Thankfully nothing.
We owe Terry and Amy so much for gutting our closest like this. Bringing order into chaos!
With our new level stove, Ian has only himself to blame when eggs roll to the edge of the skillet.
A little house friend!
Peak certainly approves of my newly organized closet.
Poor kid fell out of a dead tree and messed up his ankle.
Despite all its “character” we are proud of our first home!
Chiiiiiickens are excellent homey touches.
Couldn’t have done it without them. <3 (And of course, add Terry to this list as well!
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