Wendell and Aldo and the Peculiar Case of the Bags of Organs

Something sinister is afoot on the mountain these days… or at least something smelly.

Wendell and Aldo are true Appalachian dogs, meaning we let them have the run of the land and romp where they please. Unfortunately, sometimes that means they get into mischief.

Or rather, mischief finds them.

For the past few days, the two boys have come back from the jaunts in the woods far more excited than usual- and it’s usually immediately obvious why.

Clenched in their jaws are bloody Ziploc bags. Bags of ORGANS.

Where do these bags come from? It’s a bloody mystery!

Maybe it’s for the best that they can’t understand human, as our eager-to-please puppies seem to interpret Ian and my utter disgust as enthusiasm for their finds. Oftentimes Aldo even tries to gift me a sample by dropping a partially torn bag at my feet while I write upstairs.

Maybe the gifts of bloody organ bags is behavior I should encourage. At least it’s less destructive than his OTHER favorite hobby- chewing up my new Christmas slippers. Don’t I have the right to at least enjoy them through the holidays?!

Where are these meaty bags coming from and why were they put there? We can only guess. Some are labeled with terms like “heart” “liver” or even “deer”, and all of them are dated.

deer meat
‘Deer Liver, 12/13’

But here’s the peculiar part– they are all labeled as dates in the future! I’ve seen a “12/6”, a “12/8” and a “12/13”- and that’s only on the bags not so bloody that I can still read the descriptions.

What does it all mean?

Is the land surrounding our home being visited by a time traveling hunter that likes to litter? Someone cleaning out their freezer of old meat that REALLY needed to go? Or… scariest of all… a psychopathic serial killer using the dates as a way to deter suspicion from his (or her) heinous crime? There’s just no way to know. And I’m sort of terrified.


Between you and me, it might be time to start restricting the free range activities of our two puppies. I’d hate to find us in the center of some criminal case for tampering with evidence.

But if the organs ARE the work of a serial killer, just remember that I called it first.


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2 thoughts on “Wendell and Aldo and the Peculiar Case of the Bags of Organs

  1. You certainly grabbed me with your sense of intrigue Lydia. Thankfully, Wendell and Aldo found their bounty before it went bad.

    I suspect you hit on the reason for the illegal dumping as a neighbor just cleaning out last year’s kill to make room for fresh meat and they thought they were doing a service by sharing in the wild. Who knows how people rationalize this. I have no idea how they thought any animal finding it would dispose of the non-biodegradable zip lock bag, but they relinquished responsibility with their gift I imagine.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

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