A Passel of Puppies!

It’s not everyday you get an email this exciting.

Unbeknownst to me, Sr. Kathy had been losing sleep for days over the fate of a friendly dog that had chosen a rather undesirable spot to give birth to her puppies; right beneath the floor of a nearby home. The puppies may have been cute, but their constant cries kept the family awake, so Kathy was commissioned with finding them a new (temporary) home.

Hence her email requesting my services as a puppy foster parent. Is it any surprise that I immediately said yes? And then asked Ian what he thought. Oops. In my defense, he once brought a pig home after barely discussing it with me so I think we’re even.

And with that barrier cleared, I accepted responsibility for six new dogs for the next four weeks.

Mamma dog giving Ian the side eye ’cause she knows he didn’t really want her in the first place.

While it’s entirely possible that the puppies could have done just fine in our now vacant pig pen, I made the executive decision that they were far too small  and cute to spend that much time away from me, so instead I upended our living room and turned it into a bonafide puppy palace. All it took was a heavy duty tarp, plenty of newspapers and our table turned on its side. Who knew dining tables could make such perfect play pens?

Home sweet home.

Needless to say, I’m having a grand old time. Due to their tender age of two weeks, these babies are barely mobile so far, meaning that they are a breeze to take care of.

Best of all, mama’s instincts are kicking in strong and she is taking it upon herself to “clean up” after every little disaster that comes out their rears. But rest your sensitive stomach; there won’t be any puppy poop on our floor. Once mom decides she’s done being the clean up crew I’ll be providing some equally pleasant outdoor accommodations for these cuties.

With one brown puppy for four black ones, who was their father? One can only speculate.

Really, I can’t imagine anything better. I already love working from home, but the benefits increase 100 fold when there are a passel of puppies ready to be played just a few feet away. I’m afraid they might not be conducive for my work effort, as I’ve already been taking far more “mental breaks” throughout the day.

The new uncles sulking in the yard

Wendell and Aldo, unsurprisingly, were less enthused about the new turn of events than I was. Actually, I think they would be completely fine with it if Mamma wasn’t so dang territorial. She’s been chasing Aldo out the dog door every time he steps foot in her room, making it necessary for us to split the home in half and give each set of dogs their own section with outdoor access.

I’ve always known be were the proud owners of two of the biggest dog wimps on the planet, but it’s still a little embarrassing to see how low on the canine totem pole they actually are.

Taking care of puppies must be hard work! We’re doing our best to put some meat back on those skinny ribs.
Wendell and Aldo concur, if you’ve been barricaded out of your own house, the best thing to do is snooze in the sun.
Instincts are amazing…as is the patience of mamas like this.
I have to keep myself in check to ensure I don’t give this cutie too much special attention
Yikes… I’ve seen THIS face before…
Grace bonding with a puppy.
Poor Aldo. I almost feel bad for him.
Meanwhile, while our dogs are essentially banned from the house, Mama has wasted no time at all taking up their spots on our laps.
Who knew there could be so many fleas on such a tiny tummy!

An inevitable challenge of dealing with dogs around here are fleas. Thankfully, Ian loves nothing more than monotonous, OCD-soothing tasks, so he’s been taking it upon himself to give the puppies and mama a thorough flea treatment every few hours.

Trust me, I’m  not complaining.

All that grooming must be exhausting.
Almost clean!
Free from fleas and ready for feeding time
Well…almost. This one had a few more fleas than his siblings. There’s always one that’s a little bit behind. Look! his eyes are starting to open!
Unsurprisingly, all three dogs get along great when they are far away from the puppies, and even enjoy going on walks together.
Taking a well deserved break AWAY from her clingy babies.
Literally a puppy pile. Best thing ever.

Once these guys are weaned, they will be leaving us for happy homes. What that entails exactly isn’t fully clear to me now, but we’ve got several weeks to figure it out.

So what does this mean for you? If you’ve been considering visiting us in the near future, February might be proving to be a very, very good month to do so. 😀

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2 thoughts on “A Passel of Puppies!

  1. You can kill fleas by soaping up each dog with slightly watered down Dawn soap, then letting him/her sit in it for 10 minutes before washing it off (good chance to give a little puppy massage!). Be sure NOT to wet down the puppy before putting on the soap ; that gives the fleas a chance to form a bubble around themselves so the soap won’t suffocate them. This is the method I used when I was a dog groomer.

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