DIY Seed Starting Table from Recycled Materials

One advantage of being snowed on the mountain for the past few days was that Ian had lots of time to work on some homestead improvement projects. First on his list was making the garden shed usable for me to start seeds in a few weeks by building a seed starting table.

Yes, we could have bought a folding table from Walmart very cheaply, but where’s the sustainable living spirit in that? Besides, Ian had so much fun reclaiming the old chicken coop on the property a few months ago that he was eager to start another construction project, but with the goal of only only using found materials already on the property. We didn’t want to spend a dime.

I gamely watched and put in a few screws, but overall this was entirely Ian’s project. You will have to ask him yourself if he is happy with the final result. 🙂

The floor space before the table was built: filled with junk
no boards in the scrap pile were wide enough for a table, so two pieces of plywood needed to be screwed together
Scrap two by fours were used as braces to keep the pieces of plywood screwed together
Leveling the table and connecting it to the stone wall.


The two legs were made from scrap fence posts.

The table was built at a downward angle, so that water would run off the top and into a bucket set on the floor to catch it. This will hopefully help with messes and keep the space from getting slippery and dangerous.

Ian attached the far side of the plywood to a two by four that he screwed directly into the wall.
This PVC pipe had a slice taken from the top and was then attached to the edge of the table as a catch all for water and dirt that would get spilled while watering
Extra roofing material was attached to the plywood, and the PVC pipe was attached to the eggs to the table with wire fasteners at an angle where they would catch all drips of water and soil that ran off the edge.
Two table legs were used; one on the far left and one in the center of the table. The surrounding wall and attached two by fours gave enough necessary support for the rest.
Taaa daa! All recycled materials too.


At this point, the garden shed is just a few steps away from being usable. We need to attach the grow light to a timer system and we need to fill in some cracks in the stone wall and better insulate the entire structure. But this project is coming along nicely and in a few weeks I will have a great space to start my seedlings.

Personally, the rest of these projects makes me hope for a few more snow days.

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